The current trends in web design include several abominations. That is not to say that there have been no positive trends; quite the opposite. Today’s websites are tremendously better than their ancestors. However, with change comes mistakes, and there is one mistake that I wish to call attention to today, the infinite scroll. Continue reading

David Mitchell writes excellent characters. They aren’t necessarily remarkable people; rather they simply have incredibly distinct voices. From teenage runaways to middle-aged writers to sociopaths, everyone stands out so clearly. This gives Mitchell’s stories a very personal feeling. The compulsion to know what happens next becomes the compulsion to know what the characters do next. Continue reading

Book Cover

In case you hadn’t heard (it’s been quite popular of late), Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty is a book on economics. Why would a book on economics be popular? That is a good question. The simple reason is because, unlike most books that are assigned to an academic subject rather than to a genre, it is written for everyone. The other reason is that this book is thorough in an unusual way. Continue reading